It’s no secret that women and other minorities face unique challenges in the workforce. So what’s behind these workforce dynamics? Well, one contributing factor is implicit biases in job descriptions. These are our unconscious perceptions, stereotypes and beliefs we have developed from our past experiences and influences.

To keep unconscious biases out of job descriptions, the Dutch technology company CorTexter has developed a new tool called 'Vacancy Prepper'. With its smart software, recruiters can create inclusive, bias-free job descriptions very quickly. To demonstrate how the tool works and to visualize the benefits of use, CorTexter asked me to animate a product video. 
Style Frames​​​​​​​
No plugins were harmed during this project. Below is a quick impression of the amount of work this video took: this is an overview of all the keyframes and layers I've had to use for just twenty seconds of video.
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