Call-to-action video to build a skatepark in Arnhem.

As of 2023, Arnhem doesn't have a proper skatepark. That's why local skaters are advocating for change. To support their cause, I crafted an animated video, to encourage the municipality of Arnhem to build one.
I animated basic skateboard motions in 2D and combined this with a simple 3D skateboard, to recreate realistic tricks. To enhance the animation, I captured real skateboard sounds and added other relevant audio elements to the video. The city skyline, adorned with a name sign and graffiti, establish the location of the story.
The storyboard I made beforehand.
Fun fact: a few months after this video, the municipality finally made the decision to go ahead and build a skatepark. I obviously can't take the credit for that, but still, great news!
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