Recruitment video for a design agency.

At the design agency B302, I created a recruitment video to attract new members for our design team. Departing from a typical job ad, the video showcases the team's creativity through an aesthetic resembling hand-drawn animation and stop-motion.
The video's centerpiece features the phrase 'Designers gezocht', which is Dutch for 'Looking for designers'. It unfolds the phrase letter by letter, only to reveal the anatomy of the typography.
A dynamic logo animation follows, where the B302 logo transforms from faux paper cut-outs to its actual form, simulating the effect of letters being cut from a printed source.

The video ends with a call to action, urging potential candidates to apply by sending their resumes and portfolios to the company.
As B302 is a student-based design agency within the HAN University of Applied Sciences, the final video was shown on every single screen around the school campus. The team found new members on the very first day.
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